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96% Of Your Income In Your First 5 Years Will Come From Sub-5k Cases...

...Are You Ready To Learn How To Close More Cases?

"Case Acceptance Secrets For Everyday Dentistry"

with Dr. Michael Ling

Wednesday, September 18, 5:30 pm

Cucci Restaurant, Oakville

Fee: Pay What You Can

***Space is limited to only 20 attendees***

Complete This Form To Request Your Spot At The Table


"Ok Doc... Let Me Think About it...

And Can You Check My Insurance?"

Dear Frustrated Colleague,

If you're anything like me, then you've realized that presenting treatment to patients in the real world is nothing like talking to the ones we saw in dental school. It's a whole different ballgame when we have to worry about things like money and insurance.

Unfortunately, our literal survival depends on our ability to communicate to patients in a way that encourages them to get their treatment done, and dental school left us embarrassingly unprepared. There's so much misinformation out there from people who don't have to (or can't) do these things in the real world like their own paycheque and survival depended on it.

They tell us to:

  • Present all treatment options, and let the patient choose. WRONG.

  • Treat patients like family, and tell them what you would do if they were your family. WRONG.

  • Build value and educate patients so they understand why it's so important. WRONG.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

For the past 12 years I built one of the largest and most successful dental practices in all of North America. We had 8 treatment rooms, and within a few years ran out of space and had to build a brand new facility with 16. And then before we knew it, we were building on an expansion to make room for 25 rooms. On the clinical side, for the past 3 years I have worked exclusively on complex and full arch dentistry. I call them "trainwreck mouths". Case fees are typically $30-50k, and our case acceptance rates are 90+%. But you need to learn to walk before you can learn to run...

I've met hundreds of young Ontario dentists at presentations I've given on how to transition from dental school to the real world. And now I'm ready to share with you how to survive the next young dentist career phase in my upcoming dinner seminar:

"Case Presentation Secrets For Everyday Dentistry"


On the evening of Wednesday, September 18, at Cucci Italian Restaurant in Oakville, I will be sharing with you the case presentation secrets for bread and butter dentistry that I use every single day. You will learn things like:

  • Why we've accidentally trained our patients to be obsessed with dental insurance... and how to break the cycle.

  • How to discover your patient's budget...BEFORE you scare them away with your massive treatment plan.

  • Why you should NEVER think of your patients like family... and what to do instead.

  • The ONE situation where you should NEVER make a strong recommendation... Ignore this rule and risk being labelled as an up-selling used car salesman for the rest of your career.

  • The ONE phrase that will instantly double your case acceptance.

  • And so much more...

This seminar will focus on everyday, bread and butter dentistry. The sub-$5k treatment plans that you see everyday in hygiene, new patient exams, and emerg visits. This is the type of dentistry that will account for 96% of your income in your first few years out of dental school. Acquire and master them NOW and reap the benefits for the rest of your career. Or don't... and forever be frustrated by patients who need to "think about it" or "check their insurance".

If you think you are ready, contact me to request your spot at the table.



Dr Michael Ling


PS. I want to make sure this is a very small and intimate group so there are only 20 seats available at the dinner table. Contact me NOW if you are interested in joining us.

PPS. As a young dentist with student loans, I know that money is tight. This is a "Pay What You Can" event. At the end of the evening, fill out a feedback form and just pay me what you can afford. If you got tons of career-changing value from my presentation, a fee that reflects that value is appreciated and will be put towards future events. But if you can only afford a few bucks, that's fine too. Have a nice dinner on me. We've all been in your shoes at one point in our careers. Just promise me you'll pay it forward to another young doc one day when you are able.

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