Now Hiring: Dental Associate Near Hamilton


...I'll Pay You $5,000 To Quit

I Guarantee You Will:

Work the Hours You Want, Earn the Money You Want, and Do the Dentistry You Want…

Without the hassles of…

  • Unmotivated staff getting in your way

Mike14_Seating v2.png

Hamilton Area Dentist Dr. Michael Ling

  • Micromanaging bosses looking over your shoulder

  • Principal dentists who take all the juicy work and leave you to eat their leftover scraps

  • Ineffective marketing systems and empty chairs

  • Mind-numbing, insurance-only “meatball” dentistry

Attention Frustrated Dentist

If you’ve got your fingers wet, started honing your clinical skills, and now you're ready to step up to the next level in your career…you might be interested in what I believe is the most unique opportunity in all of Canadian dentistry…


An opportunity to STOP working crazy hours…we quit at 5pm and we do NOT work weekends. 

An opportunity to STOP working with patients who insist on insurance-only work…we specialize in “train wreck” mouths where you can develop your advanced treatment planning, case acceptance, and clinical skills. 

An opportunity to regularly treat the types of cases you love… we will funnel the juicy cases and highest-paying work to YOU first.


An opportunity to work in a stress-free, no hassles, no micromanaging environment where you can excel. 


An opportunity to stop worrying about marketing and attracting new patients…our unique process generates a steady stream of high-value patients who see YOU as an authority and are ready to say YES right to your chair. 

An opportunity to reap the rewards of practice ownership (the income, the autonomy, the freedom), without the headaches of managing staff and systems.


And best of all, it’s a LOW RISK opportunity. If I don't live up to my promises, and if you don’t agree this is the best dental associate job anywhere, I’ll pay you $5,000 to quit!

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Ling


Dr. Michael and Meadow Ling

How can I make such a Unique guarantee? 


Because I built one the most innovative and successful dental practices in all of North America. 


We went from 8 to 16 to 25 treatment rooms. 


At our peak, our staff was 60 highly-motivated, super-productive people. 


I perfected a sales and marketing system that delivered a continuous stream of high-value, ready-to-buy patients for expensive, challenging, non-insurance work. 


Then, I developed an ethical and non-salesy case presentation system that consistently got those patients to say YES to that high-dollar work!


And now I’m ready to do it all again.


But this time, I want YOU to do the challenging, rewarding, high-paying work…not me! 

I’ve spent the first 14 years of my career building amazing dental practices with amazing teams in Brantford and Ancaster.


Most dentists these days like to manage by numbers. Spreadsheets. Systems. Manuals. Checklists. 


But my practice leadership style is a little bit different, and I believe that's what sets our organizations apart.

What I’ve learned through the many ups and downs of my career is that while systems and data are good to have, the real difference maker in building a successful practice is to focus on building a high-trust team.


I’ve seen firsthand that when you focus on building a team that trusts each other, everything else becomes so much easier. The drama disappears. The chaos fixes itself. Work becomes exciting and energizing, rather than a source of frustration and anxiety. Work is actually... FUN.

I'm looking for someone who can grow and lead their own team for a new dental project near Hamilton.


Is this the career opportunity you were meant for? Click the button below and let's find out!

Life Is Too Short To Settle For The Wrong Career
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Dr. Michael Ling shares why it's so important to find that "Perfect-Fit Career"

How Do You Know If You're Cut Out For a Leadership Role in a Dental Practice?
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How do you know if YOU'RE cut out for a leadership role in a dental practice?

If you’re like most dentists over 35, you’ve probably perfected your skills, you’ve probably invested heavily in your career, you’ve probably got big dreams about doing the kind of work you KNOW you can do…


But you’ve been frustrated by long hours, meatball dentistry, and staff and management who don’t know how to grow an excellent practice. 


I get it. 


Dentistry can be a miserable profession. A grind. If you’re not in the right situation, you can spend 30 years poking in mouths only to retire with a bad back, a failed marriage and kids you barely know.


This is the fate of MOST dentists. 


Dental school didn’t teach us how to grow a business…how to manage a staff…how to get patients to say YES to the kind of work we want to do.


And those are the things we MOST need to have the career of our dreams!  

Well, I figured all that out. On my own. It wasn’t easy but I did it. 


And I was able to make the most of what CAN BE a very rewarding profession. 


And I Want to Give You My 10-Year Headstart


Through what I learned, I developed a beautiful, successful practice I was proud of. I helped tons of people get their smiles backs. I did rewarding, challenging work. I often saw TEARS OF JOY from my patients. 


And I did it all without working 90 hours a week, without straining my marriage or my health, and without missing my kids’ precious early years!


I was, and still am, living the dream. 


And now I’m doing it all again at our new practice. And I want YOU to be part of it. 


I’m offering a full or part-time position 
I’m offering a guaranteed minimum salary 

I’m offering better hours than you’re working now 

But best of all, I’m offering you the career you’ve always dreamed of. 


The chance to finally do the dental work you’ve trained for…the chance to do the big-money cases you’ve always wanted…the chance to have a rewarding career instead of a backbreaking JOB. 


Without the hassles that come from doing it all yourself…or working with bosses and staff who just don’t “get it.” 


Dr. Michael Ling with his wife, Dr. Meagan Bennett, and their 5 children Avery, Brooke, Brady, Parker, and Meadow

3 Easy Steps To Leading Your Own Team

Step 1

Click below and let's find out if we're a good fit to work together

Step 2

Learn everything you need to know about dental practice operations and leadership through  6 months of on the job training and mentoring 

Step 3

Get sh*t done! Together we will build the greatest dental practice for patients to visit and the greatest place to work in the area

Who Is This For?

This role might be the perfect fit if you are a dental hygienist, assistant, receptionist, or treatment coordinator who is open minded about taking on a leadership role as team leader of a dental practice near Hamilton. 


This will be the biggest challenge yet of your career. Together, we will build the Hamilton area's best dental practice and grow its best dental team. 

Your Role:

  • Manage day to day operations

  • Help me attract, recruit, and retain A++ team members

  • ​Keep your team aligned, happy, and productive

  • Create a bigger and brighter future for your team, your practice, and your patients

My Role:

  • Help you discover and refine your unique superpower - that skill that you do best, and brings you the most joy, and comes most naturally to you 

  • Clear obstacles out of the way to make your job easier

  • Coach you on everything I’ve learned in my 14 years of building dental practices and teams, so that you can do it even better than me

These Types of People DON'T Fit on Our Team
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These types of people DON'T fit on our team