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Case Acceptance Mastery Study Club


Case Acceptance Mastery Study Club

The only dental study club in Ontario that focuses exclusively on case acceptance and patient communication

Dentistry is a tough job. Even before the added stress of having to "sell" yourself and your services, and hearing "No thanks" all day long.


Your training, your skills, your passion... all of it goes to waste if you can't guide your patients to making smart decisions for themselves.

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Are you tired of hearing "No", "Let me think about it", and "Does my insurance cover it?" from your patients?

Dr. Michael Ling & Dr. Meagan Bennett

If you want:

  • to help your patients break out of the insurance-dependence rut...

  • more opportunities to actually use the skills you've worked so hard to learn and refine...

  • a truly exceptional and rewarding career...



Then you have to learn the communication skills that guide patients to YES... without being slimy, deceptive, or manipulative.

What if You Had a Practice Full of Patients Who Trust You, See You as an Authority, and are Eager to Say YES?

How much more of the dentistry you love could you do... without being limited by what insurance covers?

How much more fun would it be to talk to patients about their care... without worrying about giving them sticker shock about your fees?

How much EASIER would literally EVERYTHING ELSE in your practice be... if the ONLY thing that changed was more patients said YES?

Let Me Show You a Modern Approach to Case Acceptance

I understand how it feels to be a young dentist, eager to apply your skills, learn new procedures, and finally help REAL people... only to be met with a nasty dose of reality.

Patients who only care about what insurance covers.

Patients who seem to WANT to do treatment, but can't afford it.


I've been there. We've ALL been there.

Most of your peers are STILL there.


I also understand how it feels to see your friends' careers skyrocket through a combination of charisma, exceptionally skilled hands, falling into the perfect situation, luck... or all of the above.


But for the rest of us "regular" dentists, it’s not that simple. Success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve the practice and career you want and deserve.

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Dr. Michael Ling

Over the past 15 years, I've tried virtually everything to improve my case acceptance, including:

  • read dozens of books on communication, sales, and marketing.

  • taken hundreds of hours of CE from the top institutes, gurus, and experts all over the world

  • spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consulting, coaching, and mastermind groups

  • wasted thousands of opportunities by being too conservative with my recommendations, thinking I was doing my patients a favour by assuming I knew what was best for them

  • burned through thousands more opportunities by being too aggressive and scaring away patients who "just wanted a checkup and cleaning"

And here's what I’ve learned about case acceptance and patient communication:

1. Dentistry is 50 years behind other industries when it comes to sales and marketing sophistication. There's a lot we can learn by studying communication methods that are proven to work elsewhere, but for some reason are ignored in dentistry.

2. The worst strategy is having no strategy at all. "Winging it" isn't good enough. The words and phrases you use (and even more importantly the ones you avoid!) should be chosen very intentionally so that patients love their experience with you, whether they accept $50k, $5k or $0 worth of treatment. Your communication style will set you apart from every other dentist they’ve met before.

3. All of this can be learned if you surround yourself with like-minded peers who can open your eyes to new possibilities.

Are You Ready to Join the Only Study Club in Ontario that Focuses Exclusively on Patient Communication and Case Acceptance?

Our next study club meeting is Wednesday, June 8 from 6 to 9 pm at a restaurant in Hamilton

There will be 2 more 2022 meetings on Wednesday evenings in September and December, all in the Hamilton area.

Your membership fee is $895 and includes all 3 meetings and meals. After May 1, fees increase to $1,495.

   Only 7 spots remaining   


June 8, 2022 Study Club Topic:

Case Acceptance Money Myths



Some of the biggest misconceptions about money include:

  • Dentists should never discuss money with the patient - that’s the staff’s job

  • Dentists should never diagnose the patient’s wallet. We should present all treatment options regardless of cost and let the patient decide

  • Most patients can’t afford expensive treatment like cosmetics and implants unless insurance covers it

  • The best way to overcome financial limitations is to “build value” in your treatment


Topics to be covered:

1. Why the conventional wisdom about discussing fees often leads to sticker shock, scaring away patients, and getting a reputation as an aggressive, sales-y dentist... and what to do instead.


2. How to quickly and respectfully determine a patient's budget... so you don't waste their time or yours presenting the wrong type of treatment.


3. What kinds of money conversations you MUST have with your patient... and which ones you should absolutely avoid.


4. Study club cases - submit your own cases ahead of time and as a group we will walk through them to analyze what went well, what didn’t go as planned, and what you can try differently next time

100% Money Back Guarantee

Are you on the fence about joining?

Your membership is protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

Sign up and come to our meeting June 8. After the meeting, if you feel like this study club is not for you, just let us know and we will gladly return 100% of your membership dues.

"I've been working for 4 years in Canada after being a dentist in Australia for 4 years and I've been sickened by the insurance driven treatment planning I noticed here in London Ontario. Your tips on how to direct patients and staff out of that mindset is great. Actually real gold. Thank you. I am so glad I got on to that presentation and networked with you."   -  Hussam B

"My key takeaway would be finding out what your patient wants via your trust building questions instead of trying to fix everything and anything that you can see. When the patient tells you what they want, you can tailor your treatment plan towards that and they’ve essentially talked themselves into that treatment already! It seems so obvious but something you never really think about haha!"   -  David N

"I think the biggest takeaway for me was to not fall into the race to the bottom (eg. being driven by pre-d’s, giving discounts because of the fear that patients will leave etc.) Your course really helped to put it altogether and organize what I needed to know when it comes to case acceptance."   -  John K


Copyright Dr. Michael Ling. All Rights Reserved.

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