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Life Is Too Short To Settle For A Career You Know Is Not The Perfect Fit

Most dental staff force themselves to struggle through 5 days doing work they don’t love just so they can earn enough money to  spend 2 days on the weekend finally enjoying themselves.


And the greatest source of stress in our lives is related to our jobs. Toxic workplaces. Drama-queen colleagues. Bosses with no vision and no plan. Feeling over-worked, under-paid, and under-appreciated.


It’s no wonder that the turnover rate in dental offices is so high. Recent studies show that the average dental staff changes jobs every 4 years.

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Hamilton Dentist Dr. Michael Ling

You Deserve Better... and We Can Help You Get It

You can finally take control of your career by working beside me as Office Manager of our brand new dental practice in Hamilton.


You CAN and SHOULD have a career that:

  • Maximizes your strengths... rather than one that keeps trying to fix your “weaknesses”

  • Gives you control over what, where, when, and how you do your work… rather than getting assigned a checklist of tasks to complete

  • Makes you feel like an indispensable, key player… rather than a replaceable part in a big machine

  • Allows you to create a bigger and brighter future for your team and your patients… rather than struggling to keep up with your to-do list

  • Puts you in a position to make a positive impact in the world… rather than just punching the clock in exchange for a paycheque

Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Ling

Most dental staff I meet are tired of the drama, the stress, and the chaos at work. They feel like their workplaces are changing for the worse. Less teamwork and trust. More emphasis on profits over people. 

Well... I want to give you hope that work doesn't have to suck.

I'm the father of 5 and a dentist in Hamilton who makes great places to work that happen to be dental practices.


My wife, Dr. Meagan Bennett, and I have spent the first 14 years of our careers bringing amazing people together to do amazing things... together.


Our last project grew to be one of the largest dental practices in North America. We had over 60 staff and 25 treatment rooms in a single location. 


The secret to our success? Hiring great people, putting them in a position to do great things, and then getting out of the way.

We don't micromanage our people. We don't "motivate" them. And we don't "hold them accountable" either.

Instead, we hire grown-ups, treat them like grown-ups, and then expect them to act like grown-ups. 

Simple as that.


Dr. Michael and Meadow Ling

When we build a team based on trust, amazing things happen. 

Work is less stressful... because we have the same vision and plan.

Work is more fun... because we are working beside people we actually like and care about.

Work is more fulfilling.. because we feel like we are making progress both as a team and in our individual careers. 

I'm looking for an Office Manager who can grow and lead their own team for a new dental project in Hamilton.


Is this role the right fit for you? Click the button below to apply and let's find out!

Dr. Michael Ling shares why it's so important to find your "Perfect-Fit Career"

How do you know if YOU are cut out for a leadership role in a dental practice?


Dr. Michael Ling with his wife, Dr. Meagan Bennett, and their 5 children Avery, Brooke, Brady, Parker, and Meadow

3 Steps To Leading Your Own Team

Step 1

Click below and let's find out if we're a good fit to work together.

Step 2

Learn everything you need to know about dental practice operations and leadership through 3 months of on the job training and mentoring. 

Step 3

Get sh*t done! Together we will build something we can be proud of... a great place to work... that just happens to be a dental practice.

Who Is This For?

This role might be the perfect fit if you are a dental hygienist, assistant, receptionist, or treatment coordinator who is open minded about taking on a leadership role as Office Manager/Team Leader/Head Coach of a dental practice in Hamilton. 


This will be the biggest challenge yet of your career.


Together, we will a great place to work that just happens to be a dental practice.

Your Role:

  • Manage day to day operations

  • Help me attract, recruit, and retain A++ team members

  • ​Keep your team aligned, happy, and productive

  • Create a bigger and brighter future for your team, your practice, and your patients

My Role:

  • Help you discover and refine your unique superpower - that skill that you do best, and brings you the most joy, and comes most naturally to you 

  • Clear obstacles out of the way to make your job easier

  • Make sure you have the coaching, training, support, and resources you need to execute your plan

Your Cheat Sheet to Winning in this Role

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a Cheat Sheet that showed you exactly how to be the best in your role at work?

Why do most bosses keep this a secret?

Why do most bosses expect you to read their minds?

Wouldn't it be great if you had this much clarity in all aspects of your life?

If you haven't realized it already, we like to do things differently. Following this Cheat Sheet is like writing an open book exam.


Because we all win when you ace your exams at work.

Dental Office Manager Cheat Sheet.jpg

Click the Cheat Sheet to download as PDF

This role is NOT for everyone. Here are the 3 types of people DON'T fit on our team.

My "You Deserve Your Perfect Fit Career" Guarantee

This role is NOT for everyone. I'm a big believer in fit. That's why this job posting is probably a little different than what you're used to. I'm searching for a very specific mindset and personality that I know will be the perfect fit both for this role and also for working with me. 

I will make you two promises.


Promise #1: If you choose this role, you will make more money and have better hours than in your current role.


And Promise #2: If you and I go through the process of getting to know each other, and if we decide to work together on this project, and if at any time in your first 90 days you feel like this is NOT your perfect fit career, then just say so and I will pay you $2,500 to leave this team so you can continue seeking other career opportunities.


That's how confident I am in my ability to put the right people in the right position to be wildly successful.

What have you got to lose?

Are you open to having a chat about whether this opportunity might be the perfect fit career you've been looking for? 

Click below to apply and let's start a conversation to find out.

Are you a Dental Hygienist, Level 2 Assistant, or Dental Receptionist who is looking for a more traditional role? If so, click the button above to apply anyways.


We will be searching for candidates at all positions soon so you can get a head start!

(* No evening or weekend hours!)

Still On the Fence About Applying?

If you're feeling nervous about leaving something familiar for something new...

Or if you're feeling guilty about moving on from a team that's been good to you...

Or if you're unsure about whether it's time for a fresh start...

Then I don't blame you. You wouldn't be human if you didn't feel anxious about even considering the possibility of a career change. 

You are at a fork in the road.


To the left is the familiar path. It's comfortable. It's safe. Things at work probably "are what they are" - they're not likely to get much better or much worse for the rest of your career. If you can look back in 20 years and be 100% sure that you'd be happy with that path, then that's great. There's no need to change anything.

But if there's even a tiny bit of doubt, you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at the path to the right.

The path to the right is the unknown. It's new. It's a bit scary. But it also offers the excitement of a fresh start. The chance to wipe the slate clean. By now you probably know what kind of workplace you want to be a part of, and this path gives you the opportunity to not just be a part of one, but to create one.

Still on the fence? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself about your career decisions

Share With A Friend And You Both Win

If you found this job posting interesting, but it's not quite right for you, you can still help. Share this opportunity with a friend and if they get the job then I'll buy you a brand new iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch - it's your choice! 

Do you have a friend, co-worker, or classmate who deserves a fresh start? 


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